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Parent Teacher Association 

      During the tenure of Sri K. Sivasankaran Nair as principal (1975- 81) the necessity for organizing a Parent Teacher Association was felt. As a result the Parent Teacher Association was established. Since then the PTA is successfully functioning here. The P.T.A. Executive Committee comprises the elected representatives of the parents and the nominees from the Staff Council. The parent’s representatives are elected in the general body meeting of parents convened shortly after the re-opening of the school each year. The Principal is the ex-officio Convenor. While the President and Vice President are elected from the representatives of parents, the Staff Secretary is usually elected as the P.T.A. Secretary. The P.T.A. in M.M.R.H.S.S. is functioning very effectively on democratic principles. Monthly meetings of the Executives Committee are held where the school activities are discussed and appropriate decisions taken. All along the P.T.A. here could contribute considerably for the development and smooth efficient functioning of the school and welfare of staff and students. P.T.A.’s role in the development of school buildings, modification of library, construction of open air stage, improvements and upkeep of playgrounds, conduct of medical camps, smooth functioning of festivals and celebrations, encouragement to staff and students who achieve name and fame to the school, etc, etc are worth mentioning. P.T.A. here maintains very cordial relations with the school authorities as well as the management. P.T.A. of M.M.R.H.S.S. always upholds the view that in the present day context the joint efforts of the school authorities, the management and the parents will go a long way in safe guarding the interests and welfare of the students and staff and the successful functioning of the institution. The following persons were the President of the PTA in the recent past.




Sri. B. Premanandan

2000- 2003

Sri. B.D. Master

2003- 2004

Sri. B.N. Hareendranath

2004- 2005

Sri. M.R C. NAIR

2005- 2009